Real-time, secure payments
Clearing 2x

Scale at speed with confidence while we take care of clearing. We're making real-time payments standard.

Connect to UK payments, whatever your chosen scheme

We built the API connection direct to the schemes, so you don't have to. Meet your customers' expectations for speed and ease by giving them access to real-time payments. Say goodbye to batched payments and messy processes.

Fasterpayments 2x

Connect to 24/7 Faster Payments to clear everyday transactions.

Bacs 2x

Link with Bacs to clear Direct Debit and Direct Credit transactions.


Connect to CHAPS to clear same-day high-value transactions.

Direct Debit 2x

Link with Direct Debit as part of Bacs for planned transactions that take 3 days to clear.

Money moved internationally, with ease

Our multi-currency clearing lets your customers make secure international transfers and gain access to foreign exchange via ClearBank's API.

We're continuously adding currencies to support the needs of your customers.

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