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Are you a legally incorporated entity?

What is a legally incorporated entity?

Incorporation is the process by which a new or existing business registers as a limited company. A company is a legal entity with a separate identity from those who own or run it. The vast majority of companies are limited liability companies where the liability of the members is limited by shares or by guarantee. An incorporated entity has its own responsibility to uphold the law in the same way as an individual person does.

Are you a regulated financial institution?

What is a regulated financial institution?

A regulated financial institution is primarily a firm that offers financial services to its customers. For example, you could be a financial holding company, a mixed financial holding company, an investment holding company, an authorised payment institution, an asset management company, or an Alternative Investment Fund Manager, among others, to be classified as a regulated financial institution.

Your financial institution must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and/or by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) or registered with the FCA’s Temporary Permissions Regime. If registered with the Temporary Permissions Regime, you will need to have already applied to the FCA for the relevant permissions to continue to offer regulated financial services within the UK. For more information, visit the FCA website.

What type of regulated financial institution are you?

*If registered with either the GFSC, IoM FSA or the JFSC, ClearBank only provides services to these firms within the United Kingdom and not within the local jurisdictions.

Are you larger than a micro-enterprise?

What is a micro-enterprise?

A micro-enterprise employs less than 10 people and has a turnover or annual balance sheet of no more than €2 million. A business must have both of these defining features to be considered a micro-enterprise. See the FCA website for more information.

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