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At ClearBank we aim to provide the highest level of customer service. However, if you feel you have cause to complain please contact us so that we can put things right:

By email: You can email our Customer Operations Team at [email protected]

By post: You can write to our Customer Operations Team at ClearBank Customer Operations, Borough Yards, 13 Dirty Lane, London, SE1 9PA

What information do I need to provide when I make a complaint?

Our aim is to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. To help us do this, please include the following:

  • Name of company
  • Full name of company representative
  • Phone number and best time to contact you
  • Account details – so we can locate the account you are complaining about
  • Information about your complaint
  • Any actions you wish us to take to resolve your complaint

How will ClearBank handle my complaint?

Once we have received your complaint we will:

  • Contact you by the close of business the following working day to acknowledge receipt and confirm that we are looking into your concerns.
  • Provide you with a complaint reference number that you can quote should you need to contact us.
When can I expect a response to my complaint?

ClearBank aims to resolve a complaint within 3 business days following receipt of your complaint. If we don't manage to resolve the complaint within 3 business days we will:

  • Write to you providing an update and let you know when you can expect a full response.
  • Provide you with the name and contact details of the person dealing with your case

Once all the details of the complaint have been investigated, (we may contact you for further details or to discuss our final response) we will issue a written 'final response' to your complaint.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) gives us a maximum number of days to issue a final response:

  • If your complaint relates to payment services or e-money (e.g. Direct Debit, Online Transactions) we aim to issue a final response within 15 business days after receiving your complaint.
  • If due to exceptional circumstances we are unable to issue a final response within 15 business days we will issue this within 35 business days, which is the maximum time allowed by the FCA.

If we need more than 15 days to resolve your complaint, we will contact you weekly to provide an update on the progress of our investigation.

What if I’m not happy with the outcome of my complaint?

We’re sorry if you’re not happy with our response to your complaint. If you wish to take your complaint further then, depending on your eligibility, you can:

A) Contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, which will consider a complaint if you are:

  • A consumer
  • A micro enterprise which has a group annual turnover, and/or balance sheet, of up to €2 million and fewer than 10 staff
  • A small business which has a group annual turnover of up to £6.5 million and fewer than 50 staff or a balance sheet total of less than £5 million
  • A guarantor that has provided a guarantee or security in respect of an obligation of a micro enterprise or small business
  • A charity which has an annual income of less than £6.5 million
  • A trustee of a trust which has a net asset value of less than £5 million

ClearBank is a member of The Financial Ombudsman Service which provides a free, independent service for resolving disputes between customers and financial services institutions. You'll need to contact them within 6 months of our final response letter – and they'll ask to see the letter as a summary of our investigation of your complaint.

Contact details for the Financial Ombudsman Service are:

By post: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

Free phone: 0800 023 4567

Low-cost phone: 0300 123 9123

Email: [email protected]


B) Contact the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution Service and seek advice about an alternative way to resolve your dispute.

Contact details for the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution are:

By post: Consumer Complaints, 70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU

By phone: 0207 520 3800

By email: [email protected]

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