People28th July 2022

Internal Audit team wins ’Outstanding Team in Financial Services' award

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We‘re proud to announce that the Internal Audit team has won ’Outstanding Team in Financial Services’ at the Audit and Risk awards hosted by the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors. This is an incredible achievement for the team and it truly reflects the hard work and dedication everyone has shown.

Having a world-class Three Lines framework that includes a highly effective Internal Audit function has been one of ClearBank’s Board and Executive Committee’s highest priorities. ClearBank has created an Internal Audit team of individuals who are extremely passionate about risk and control, and who share a common goal of evolving the function and business to the next level of effectiveness, professionalism and maturity.

In early 2021, the new Chief Internal Auditor, Phil Hart, working with the team, created a transformation programme to take the function to the next level. “2021 was a truly outstanding year for the Internal Audit function at ClearBank. The team is incredible in every respect. They’ve come together, in the face of a change in function leadership at the start of the year, to become a cohesive, enthusiastic, and highly-dedicated bunch. They’ve not only delivered a stretch audit plan, but they’ve shown great courage in uniting behind the recent Internal Audit transformation programme.” says Phil Hart.

Everyone at ClearBank is excited by the win and is looking forward to what the team will accomplish as the firm continues to grow and scale beyond the UK.

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