FinTech from home

Whilst our evenings are now restricted to online chess, virtual pub quizzes and wild tales of Tigers, it’s no surprise that webinars are becoming the de facto method of engagement for industry engagement. They have long been available, but under utilised by most, webinars represent a great opportunity to expand your knowledge from the comfort of your living room.

In light of our current circumstances, our friends at Innovate Finance have been working hard to transition the hugely popular UK FinTech week into a 3-week digital extravaganza from the 14th April-1st May. This isn’t simply a drag and drop, they have curated a specific digital programme of 25 webinars that address a wide range of topics. Of course, there’s a significant focus on the role that the FinTech community can play in the economic recovery from Coronavirus.

Of the many sessions that I will tune into from the comfort of my living room, here’s three that I’m particularly looking forward to:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Taking a peek at tomorrow’s world – April 16th 1pm

We’re now approaching the futuristic utopian or dystopian future predicted by many of the great early sci-fi films [picture below]. Whilst we’re all still waiting with bated breath for our hoverboards and self-tying shoelaces, there are some very real, very mind-blowing innovations that are on the cusp or in the process of revolutionising financial services. This panel will be focusing on Quantum Computing, Cloud, Natural Language Processing and Smart Analytics, many of which are technologies already in use but have far greater potential than most of us will realise.

Money, Money, Money: The future of payments – April 21st 1pm

As Coronavirus threatens all things tactile, it will certainly act as an external stimulus to increasing digital payments, much like India’s cash ban. There’s no shortage of innovation in digital payments but the consumer has yet to decide which technology will win out. With the rollout of 5g underway since last year, a highly connected Internet-of-Things capable of making payments is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to this panel to hear about the different solutions and the markets being targeted.

Profit or Purpose in FinTech: What The Global Health Crisis Taught Us – April 27th 12pm

The post-Corona world may look markedly different from before, with predictions about our personal lives ranging from increased remote working, pet adoptions and the number of people who will continue their newfound love of running. What will the effect of this crisis be on people’s long-term values and aspirations? In the wake of central planning failures, how will people create businesses that serve a purpose as well as generate a profit?


I’ve picked 3 out of 25 sessions which, when spread over 3 weeks, will drip feed the latest and greatest and most anticipated from the world of FinTech. Better yet, you get to listen in from the comfort of your own home.


Sean Lee Rice

FinTech Lead, ClearBank