Fraudulent activity: Other parties claiming to represent ClearBank

Important information regarding phishing emails and scams.

It has come to our attention that there have been attempts by individuals impersonating members of the bank to fraudulently acquire personal information and money. Sadly, scams of this nature are not uncommon, and they often appear credible or trustworthy. If you are ever unsure about the credentials of anyone who tells you that they represent ClearBank, please let us know by calling us on 020 3111 2370 or emailing us at

Top tips to help you stay safe Online.

Fraudsters may contact you pretending to be someone from the bank, or other companies you may know and trust. Here are some tips to stop you being a victim of fraud:

1) If you are not expecting a phone call, email or message from someone in the bank - always check the credentials and if in doubt please call us on 020 3111 2370

2) Do not disclose your personal information to anyone if you receive a phone call, email or message that you are not expecting

3) Never accept instructions to transfer money that you were not expecting, even if that person claims to work at the bank

Further information from the FCA about how to protect yourself from scams: