Our Team

At ClearBank we believe we are only as good as our people. We are made up of passionate, innovative and inclusive individuals who are helping bring our vision to life.

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Leadership Team

Charles McManus
Group CEO & Executive Director
Nigel Walder
Chief Operating Officer
James Hopkinson
Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director
Nadine Adams
Head of Human Resources
John Salter
Chief Customer Officer
Philip House
Chief Governance and Legal Officer
Emma Hagan
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
Philip Hart
Chief Internal Auditor

Corporate Governance

There are currently ten directors on the Board of ClearBank Limited including the Executive Chairman, the Independent Directors and the Investor Directors.

The Board recognises that exemplary standards of Corporate Governance throughout the ClearBank Group are essential for the delivery of the company's strategic objectives, regulatory standards, shareholder value and long-term protection for employees and other stakeholders. It is recognised that good governance should emanate from the Board but should disseminate through the entire organisation, being reflected in its culture, committees, policies and procedures in order to drive business development in a prudent and pragmatic manner, in line with ClearBank's business plan. The Board’s terms of reference include a formal schedule of matters specifically reserved for the Board and are reviewed at least annually.