Dom Darby – Financial Crime Analyst

I’ve very recently discovered that writing a bio is not a skill I possess, so enjoy.

I’m from Weybridge but I was actually born in Brussels. I spend more time watching sport than playing it, apart from a recent golfing phase where I tend to ‘spray and pray’ my way round the course. When I’m not shouting ‘FORE’ you’ll likely find me out for drinks with mates or on a run (admittedly a rarer sight). I love an adventurous holiday, however they often come second fiddle to skiing and Devon. 

What is it like working in Financial Crime at ClearBank?

We’re a pretty close nit team that has several responsibilities, however, protecting the integrity of the bank and its payment systems is our main focus. Within our team there is a split between two notable focuses: processes and systems. I find working on the latter really interesting because we are part of a development team, shout out to Team Fox. Our team strives to improve our screening controls which comprises of infrastructural work right through to the User Interface. In addition, through our new partnership with FeatureSpace, we are looking at leveraging AI capabilities to help identify unusual behaviour, this is something I’m particularly interested in.

In essence, there is lots to do and even more we want to do.

What do you love about working at ClearBank?

It keeps you on your toes, but also provides you with more and more opportunities to get involved with post work activities from sports, to pubs, to rock climbing and even the dreaded Tough Mudder. An excitable and friendly atmosphere is the norm, and we are located in the bustling Devonshire Square which, being on the border of the city and old street, is very well serviced for food and drink.

What has been your most surprising day at ClearBank?

My first day was quite a surprise. I walked into the office with unconditional enthusiasm into a brightly lit white walled basement without windows, think secret facility meets co-working space. Thankfully, the new office has got much better… we have windows now.

That was nearly three years and two office moves ago, and it just goes to show how fast the company has grown and how far we have come.

What’s excites you most about your role?

I really enjoy that as a team we solve business problems and get to follow the solution from conception to implementation. It inherently involves working closely with both business and development teams which can chuck up any situation and requires the occasional team offsite retro (Ahem, pub..) meetings… discussions tend to be more open.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

Here Comes the Hotpepper - Pizza Connoisseur.

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would do?

Food would be top of the immediate agenda. A big old meal at Sushi Samba (maybe tragic, but I’ve never been) for any mates that could drop what they’re doing and run there, and then follow the full England cricket tour in South Africa (the latter subject to change if I somehow don’t win before December this year).

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Salcombe - Devon. It’s a bubble.