Melissa Harper - Assistant Accountant

I’m from North Essex (the North is important to me) and I’m an almost ACCA accredited accountant and alliteration admirer. After I graduated, I spent 15 months as one of those backpacker people, so naturally I have an “Oh when I was in insert country here…” story for any situation. I enjoy making awful puns that make people groan and roll their eyes. My secret talent is making up silly parodies of songs to narrate my life. I like to be surrounded by plants; my partner lovingly refers to our flat as ‘the jungle’, personally I don’t think 23 plants is a jungle.

Can you tell us a little bit about Finance at ClearBank?

The responsibilities of the Finance team are so broad that it is impossible to cover them all in one paragraph. Essentially, the teams are split into sub-teams of Financial Control, Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial Change and Treasury. I work in Control, and when my team are not out on parental leave (congrats to everyone and their new little ones), we do everything from paying invoices and payroll to creation of the annual financial report. The role can be challenging, but that's what makes it all the more rewarding :).

 In a sentence, describe your role?

I design some really cool excel spreadsheets, but more importantly I make sure everything gets paid!

I ❤ Spreadsheets.

What does a typical day at ClearBank look like for you?

What is a typical day? I suppose one thing I can always rely on is processing some (a lot of) invoices. But, with such a fast paced and dynamic environment my ‘typical day’ is always changing. Most importantly, I drink a lot of tea.

What has most surprised you about working at ClearBank?

With ClearBank you just learn to expect the unexpected (in the best of ways), so nothing really surprises me anymore. However, when I first joined 2 years ago I was most surprised by how approachable everyone was! A special shout out Charles McManus (our CEO) for being the friendliest CEO I’ve met.

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would do?

Ok, so this isn’t technically the first thing I’d do as that would probably be cry hysterically. But I’ve always wanted to own a Doggy Day Care and Bakery. And yes, there would be both human and dog treats baked there. I’m and avid baker and have been told that I make the “World’s best brownies”, so I’d love to put this to use.

A really big part of this would also be Adoption Drives, so all animals (from dogs to donkeys) can try and find a new home.

What would be your karaoke song of choice?

Fergalicious by Fergie.

Do I need to explain why? It’s a tune.

(Editor’s Note: Listen at your own peril: