Holding money safe, in our accounts
Accounts 2x

We’ll help you choose the right accounts for you and your customers. Rest assured knowing these funds are held safely at the Bank of England.

Type of ClearBank accounts

Operating accounts
Customer segregated accounts
Client money accounts
Multi-currency accounts
Single currency 2x

Designed to hold your own business's operational funds.

Single currency 2x

Your customers' accounts that sit alongside your business operating accounts.

Designed to hold your customers' funds in a different account than your own.*

*In compliance with Payment Services Regulations 2017, the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 or such other applicable legislation.

Single currency 2x

Accounts that let your business receive and hold money for (or on behalf of) your customers.

These accounts separate your customers' CASS 7 investment funds from your own operating accounts.

Multi Currency 2x

Holding multiple currencies within one account. Our multi-currency accounts enable your customers to see their individual balances in each currency, under one IBAN.

Different structures for your ClearBank accounts

Virtual account structure
Virtual International Bank Account Number (vIBAN)
Real account structure
International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
Choose what suits you
Virtual Account Structure 2x

Publicly addressable accounts that are opened in real-time and scale with your customer base.

Generate unique vIBANS for each customer – all linked to a ClearBank real account.

Real Account Structure 2x

Often referred to as a permanent account, where you and your customers have a physical bank account. All GBP is held securely at the Bank of England.

Choose What You Want 2x

We work with you to see which structures fit best for your business ambitions. Opt for all real or a mix of both, with all virtual accounts linked to real accounts.

Confirmation of Payee

We all want peace of mind when sending money. That's why we've implemented Confirmation of Payee so your customers can easily verify who they are paying. This means fewer payment queries as your customers know their money is going to the right place.

It's that one extra level of confidence that we know goes a long way.

Connect your accounts and start clearing payments

Make processing payments easier, faster and more reliable by linking your accounts via our API

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