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Power up your business with ClearBank
Scale at speed with our Accounts, Clearing and Embedded Banking products.

"We chose ClearBank because their comprehensive payment offering aligns to our API-first technology strategy, with the assurance that comes from partnering with a fellow bank. ClearBank has helped Allica to launch a compelling business current account rapidly and efficiently, and provides an enabling platform for ongoing innovation in our underserved segment."

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Conrad Ford
Chief Product and Strategy Officer

“Alongside offering compelling rates to personal and business savings customers, our mission is to support SMEs – the backbone of our economy – and to make their banking experience better and easier to navigate. Our partnership with ClearBank allows us to provide both our personal and SME customers with the ‘always on’ products and services they deserve.”

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Bryce Glover
Deputy CEO and Co-founder

“Here at Nomo, we invest in both our people and technology to provide our customers with a seamless UK banking and payments experience. ClearBank is a leading partner and enabler aligned to our growth ambitions with complementing cloud-based technology."

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Nicola Tunney
Chief Operations Officer

"At Kroo, we are on a mission to build an exceptional digital bank and in order to do that, we are relentlessly looking for like-minded partners with great technology. ClearBank was an obvious choice for us, they have been a great partner on our journey so far and we are excited to continue working closely with them as we approach our public launch."

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Andrea De Gottardo
Deliver the digital experience your customers demand

There’s no need to let legacy systems (or the process of updating them) slow you down. We’ve built a cutting edge always-on tech stack, so you don’t have to.

Open and manage accounts in real-time. Connect to your choice of payment schemes - all through a single API. Free up your team to focus on the future and use our tech to get you there faster.

You and your customers are in safe hands. We’re a bank just like you. You lead your customer experience, while we maintain our regulatory and governance requirements. And because the Bank of England is the safest place for your customers’ money, that’s where we’ll keep it.

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