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Chapter 7

Having asked the technical questions outlined in this guide so far, you should have confidence that you can find the ideal banking partner for your business.

There is a final element you should consider before making your decision: does your provider have a track record of delivering on what they claim? This is where you can assess whether the provider has the experience and expertise to deliver the ideal payment experience for your business.

While providers will talk up their expertise, there are a few ways to understand whether your provider can provide the banking experience you need.

Reference clients

Case studies are an ideal way to get real-world insight into your provider, directly from other customers who also use them. The most important case study you can request is one that matches your use case. This proves your provider can deliver the solution you need.

Third-party reviews and NPS score

While case studies provide evidence that your provider works with brands similar to your own, it is also worth examining comparison sites like G2 and even net promoter score (NPS). A positive NPS score is a sign of a generally satisfied customer base, while 50+ is considered excellent.

Financial stability

When choosing a supplier, their stability and longevity are critical. Can you be sure your provider has sufficient funding – and of what type - to operate for years to come? Your provider should be transparent about its investors, long-term plans and its financial results and outlook. For example, do they have the long-term financial stability to invest in its products, services and client support?

Active participation in the financial services ecosystem

Although a softer measure, the payments landscape is evolving all the time. Is your provider an active participant in shaping that? Look for evidence of your provider participating in industry working groups and engaging in active policy dialogue with regulators and governments.

Some questions to ask
  • Can you share a case study, client story or testimonial from a customer with a similar use case?
  • Do you track NPS or collect reviews on Trustpilot or G2? If so, what is your current rating?
  • How is your business funded and how will you ensure longevity? Can you share your financials?
  • What working groups do you participate in and how? What outcomes have you seen from your involvement?
How does ClearBank compare?

Providing fully regulated banking infrastructure and real-time clearing access is our sole focus, supporting firms of all shapes and sizes to build their services on top of our products. As a result, we never compete with our clients for business.

Our model is purposely designed to provide stability, with no lending and all funds held securely at the Bank of England, providing an additional layer of deposit safety. ClearBank designed its entire IT system from scratch, bolstering competition and innovation and allowing for more efficient and cost-effective transactions

With more than 250 clients, ClearBank can provide a comprehensive set of case studies and customer testimonials that highlight how we have supported a broad range of financial services providers.

ClearBank is completely transparent about its financial performance and stability, publishing annual accounts and report on our website every year since our foundation – and in 2022 reached month profitability. We also received a £175 million equity investment led by Apax Digital in March 2022 to fund our expansion.

We are proactive participants in multiple working groups, helping to shape and inform discussions, including payment scheme updates, regulatory changes and the broader business environment for fintech firms.

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