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Chapter 1
Finding your perfect banking partner

If you’re reading this, you’re likely at a critical stage in your journey. Perhaps you want to implement banking services – whether that’s accounts, access to one of the UK payment schemes or clearing services. You may already have an agency banking provider but want to review your options as you scale your business, either geographically or through new currency options.

So, how do you choose the provider that will offer the right experience for your business today and grow with you as your needs change?

The ever-evolving financial landscape is an opportunity and a challenge. Finding a trusted partner that can provide the quality of service you require is critical to making the most of the available options.

This guide is designed to help you with that. It will walk you through each aspect you must consider when choosing a banking provider and the questions you should ask. This guide covers everything from understanding the nuances of connectivity to different payment and clearing schemes, customer protection offered by the different types of providers, to integration and support.

How do you choose the right banking partner?

This buyer’s guide is your playbook for finding the right banking payment partner for your business. With it, you can better understand the various aspects of the banking, payment and clearing experience that will underpin your growth and success.

The guide is broken down into six sections, each covering a part of the selection process – from scheme connectivity and what that means, the differences in providers and why it matters, to security and ongoing customer support.

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