Press27th March 2024

ClearBank joins the Digital Pound Foundation

Digital Pound Foundation blog
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We are very pleased to announce our membership to the Digital Pound Foundation’s (DPF) membership community. ClearBank joins the Foundation as an Associate Member and will take part in the Identity and Privacy and Policy, Legal and Regulatory Working Groups. As a member, ClearBank will have the opportunity to work with the Digital Pound Foundation partners on collaborative projects.

“ClearBank has joined the Digital Pound Foundation to play a role in the future of digital currency and explore the possibilities of evolving digital payment options, including tokenised deposits and stablecoins. The DPF has been very active since its launch, engaging with politicians, regulators and practitioners alike to demonstrate the potential impacts of new forms of digital money, and we look forward to being an active member of the Foundation’s community.”

Charles McManus, CEO, ClearBank

“We warmly welcome ClearBank to the Digital Pound Foundation as our newest member. As the DPF continues to explore a future ecosystem for new forms of digital money that is diverse, effective and competitive, it is vitally important that banks and other regulated financial institutions are an integral part of the policy conversation around the design and implementation of a digital Pound and the growth of new forms of digital money. We look forward to having ClearBank as part of the DPF’s growing membership base and to exploring how new developments in the digital currency ecosystem may impact on the future of banking, and their potential as a platform for financial innovation.”

Jannah Patchay, Executive Director and Policy Lead, Digital Pound Foundation
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