People8th March 2023

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day! Today is the 114th International Women’s Day where we celebrate women’s achievements across the world while creating a better future for women – one that is inclusive and equitable inside and outside of the workplace.

This year’s theme is Embrace Equity, which means it isn’t just about giving opportunities but also appreciating that everyone’s story is unique and needs to be embraced and supported with the tools necessary for everyone to succeed.

Members of ‘Dimensions’, the ClearBank group leading our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, shared what #EmbraceEquity means to them. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “#EmbraceEquity for me, it means individuals from a variety of different backgrounds are given the tools they need to carve out the life they want to lead. Equality is great but we're starting off from different places in our lives. One size won't fit all. ClearBank sees me and gives me what I need to be successful.” – Monty Onanuga, Senior Risk Manager
  • Embracing equity is about helping to create a place where we can all thrive. To do this, we need to be open to giving each other the support and tools necessary for us to do that, whatever our background may be. #EmbraceEquity for me means being mindful of these differences between colleagues and open-minded so we allow everyone to shine and be their best selves.” - Jennifer Heathfield-Lee, Head of Partnerships
  • “Embracing equity is not only about providing equal opportunities for all across the workplace but understanding that we all have individual needs which need to be met to make sure that we thrive and shine. ClearBank has a fantastic home office policy which is equity in action - they understand that the equipment you need for work will differ from individual to individual. Some people may need a standing desk, and some may need another screen, others an ergonomic chair; these provisions help colleagues perform the best that they can, and all are catered for!” - Phoebe Osler, Operational Readiness Analyst
  • “For me it's an understanding that equality isn’t enough anymore. I love how there are people out there still campaigning for change and better lifestyles, and I always take the opportunity to get involved.” – Brian Pilkington, Quality Control Analyst

To promote #EmbraceEquity this week, we dedicated our weekly meet up to the topic of women – the history of International Women’s Day, inspirational women who paved the way for generations, the rise in women in fintech, and how to keep the conversation of women going beyond just today. Thanks to our Dimensions team for leading the conversation!

As a business, we committed to reaching at least 35% of females in senior management roles by the end of 2022. And in 2023, our target has increased to 42%. To do this, we’re continuing to celebrate, support and empower women and all our employees with the tools they need to take their next step with us.

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