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Operating Account

Designed to hold your business's operational funds.

Client Account

Designed to hold and separate your clients CASS 7 funds from your operational funds.

Segregation Account

Designed to facilitate you holding your customers funds to comply with Payment Services Regulations 2017, the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 or such other applicable legislation.


FSCS Bank Account Solutions

Provision of accounts where eligible deposits are FSCS protected.

Virtual Account Solutions

Publicly addressable accounts, also known as shadow accounts, linked to a physical bank account. Used to separate out funds held within a physical, real bank account for improved reconciliation and liquidity management. Virtual Accounts are only compatible with Client Accounts and Segregation Accounts.

Payment Schemes

Bacs Clearing

Connect to Bacs to clear Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit transactions.

Bacs Direct Debit Origination

Direct Debit Sponsorship allows you to originate Direct Debits to your customers' accounts.


Connect to CHAPS to clear transactions.

Faster Payments

Connect to Faster Payments to clear transactions.



Our API seamlessly integrates with your core banking system, for near real-time access to our services and solutions.


Our Portal allows you to access our services with no technical integration.